What is the Pombeebee App?

Pombeebee is a large language model trained by OpenAI offering students a unique and effective way to study for English exams.

Can I create multiple Pombeebee accounts?

No. We do not allow you to create multiple Pombeebee accounts. We recognize Pombeebee accounts by using the registered verified email and device ID. Only one device (phone or tablet) can log in to one Pombeebee account at a time. If a student creates more than one account, we will immediately delete the duplicate accounts and may prohibit the offender from using Pombeebee in the future.

What is the Pombeebee Library?

The Pombeebee Library is where you can search for practice questions, study tips and strategies, English lessons and more. There are 2 ways to access Pombeebee Library: – Click on the “Library” tab in the Pombeebee app. – Visit the website pombeebee.com and click on “Library” in the navigation menu.

Do I receive a notification when a new question is posted to the Pombeebee Library?

Yes. Pombeebee will send a notification via the “Nofitication” tab when a new question is posted on the Pombeebee Library. You can view the newly posted question by clicking on the notification. To receive Pombeebee notifications, make sure you allow Pombeebee to send you notifications in your phone settings.

Can I remove questions from “Favourite questions and answers” in Profile?


How many questions can I ask?

Pombeebee gives each student 1,200 free characters daily to ask questions. The number of questions you can ask depends on how many characters your questions and the generated answers consumes. You can purchase additional characters to ask more questions. For more information, refer to “What is beebux” and “How to buy beebux” in the Payment FAQ.

If I use all 1,200 characters, how can I continue to ask questions?

If you run out of free characters, you can wait until the next day for your characters to replenish to continue asking Pombeebee questions. You can also purchase additional characters to ask more questions. For more information, refer to “What is beebux” and “How to buy beebux” in the Payment FAQ.

Can I delete my conversations in Pombeebee?


How do I buy beebux?

You buy beebux using your Credit Card, Momo Wallet, Bank Transfer or Apple Pay.

Do I need to pay VAT or any other taxes when buying beebux?


Is it free to sign up for Pombeebee?

Yes, Pombeebee is free to sign up. There are no registration fees or hidden charges associated with creating an account on Pombeebee. Users can sign up for free and start using the platform right away.

Can I delete my Pombeebee account?

Yes, you can delete your Pombeebee account. Launch the Pombeebee app, go to “Profile”, then select “Account Settings”. You can delete your account in “Account Settings”.

Is content free in the Pombeebee Library?

There are two types of questions in Pombeebee Library: Freemium and Premium. You get access to Freemium questions and answers at no cost. For Premium questions, you have to pay the stated amount of beebux to unlock answers to Premium questions. For more information, refer to “What is beebux” and “How to buy beebux” in the Payment FAQ.

Can I save my favourite questions for future reference?

Yes, you can save your favourite questions to “Favourite questions and answers” in Profile. Premium questions that you use beebux to unlock will be automatically added to your “Favourite questions and answers” in Profile.

How do I ask Pombeebee questions?

Go to “Answer” in the Pombeebee app, and select the conversation titled “Pombeebee”. Type in your question.

How many free characters do I get each day?

Pombeebee gives each student 1,200 free characters each day

If I do not use all 1,200 characters today, can I save it for tomorrow?

No, the free unused characters are not carried over to the next day. If you use more than 1,200 free characters in a single day, the excess characters you consumed will be deducted from the next day’s free character replenishment. For example, if you used 1,500 free characters today, then only 900 characters will be replenished tomorrow, as the excess 300 characters you consumed today will be deducted from tomorrow’s 1,200 free characters.

What is beebux?

Beebux is the currency used in Pombeebee to purchase characters and unlock answers for premium questions. You need to buy beebux first before using beebux to pay for additional characters and to unlock answers to premium questions.

Can I get a refund on unused beebux?


How does Pombeebee protect personal information?

1. Your privacy is respected. Pombeebe never asks you for your mobile number or any other personal information.
2. Pombeebee is committed to keep your information secure. Pombeebee has appropriate technical, administrative and physical procedures in place to protect personal information from loss, theft and misuse, as well as against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction. Sensitive information (such as a credit card number) entered on our payment gateway services are encrypted during the transmission of that information using secure socket layer technology (SSL).